Схема подключения ресивер htr 5940

схема подключения ресивер htr 5940
You can display each result by pressing u once and pressing i repeatedly before exiting. When you turn on this unit, you will hear a click and there will be a 4 to 5-second delay before this unit can reproduce sound. Это могут быть как эффективные антенны с большими коэффициентами усиления с высотой подвеса 10 и более метров, так и комнатные антенны. Page 78 SOUND FIELD PARAMETER DESCRIPTIONS LIVENESS Function: This parameter adjusts the reflectivity of the virtual walls in the hall by changing the rate at which the early reflections decay. There is noise when The OSD may be disturbed when the OSD is displayed. Page 30 AUTO SETUP If you selected AUTO in step 6 The RESULT display appears for a few seconds after each check, then settings of the next item will start.

Program CONCERT HALL HiFi DSP processing. A classic shoe-box type concert hall with approximately 1700 seats. Change the initial settings (indicated in bold under each parameter) to reflect the needs of your listening environment. Page 4 Retain this Owner’s Manual in a safe place for future reference. This remote control also has a learn feature which allows the remote to acquire functions from other remote controls equipped with an infrared remote control transmitter. General… Page 82 TROUBLESHOOTING Problem The sound suddenly The protection circuitry has been activated goes off. because of a short circuit, etc. This ability to create sound fields at will is exactly what YAMAHA has done with the digital sound field processor. EDITING SOUND FIELD PARAMETERS… Page 76 EDITING SOUND FIELD PARAMETERS Press u / d to select the parameters.

Рассмотрим схему подключения через антенный вход телевизора (подходит для всех видов телевизоров): Для этого вам потребуются: любой телевизор, цифровой ресивер с радиочастотным выходом, антенна для приёма ТВ сигнала дециметрового диапазона, соединительные провода. The picture is The video source uses scrambled or disturbed. encoded signals to prevent dubbing. Page 66: Changing Source Names In The Display Window REMOTE CONTROL FEATURES Press and hold the button you want to program on the other remote control until “OK” appears in the display window. Page 88: Virtual Cinema Dsp GLOSSARY SILENT CINEMA YAMAHA has developed a natural, realistic sound effect DSP algorithm for headphones. Page 45: Descriptions, For Movie/video Sources The Yamaha CINEMA DSP modes are compatible with all Dolby Digital, DTS, and Dolby Surround sources.

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