Инструкция цифровой фотоаппарат panasonic dmc-fs5

инструкция цифровой фотоаппарат panasonic dmc-fs5
Большинство фотокамер Lumix используют процессоры серии Venus Engine для цифровой обработки изображений и оптику немецкой фирмы Leica, разрабатываемой в Германии и собираемой в Японии. Panasonic Camera and Digital Service Center 1590 Touhy Ave. Specs are similar to the FZ range but without the ultra-wide focal lengths or apertures. Its mass is 520 g (18.3 ounces). This camera is known for its Leica lens[2] with «Mega OIS» optical image stabilisation. It has a 12x optical zoom,[3] often said to be equal to a 400 mm lens, which can stay f/2.8 for the entire zoom range.

Use of the “ PHOTOfunSTUDIO-viewer- way of doing this. Birthday: 2/1: Select the items (year/month/day). 3/4: Setting. [MENU/SET]: Exit. You can also press 1 [‰] to select. Page 84 Proceed with the hardware removal using “Safely Remove Hardware” on the task tray of the PC. If the icon is not displayed, check that [ACCESS] is not displayed on the LCD monitor of the digital camera before removing the hardware.

Оснащены широкоформатным (16:9) ПЗС-сенсором (вместо традиционных 4:3). Для камер этой серии характерно также наличие широкого спектра настроек и поддержка формата Raw. High-speed SD cards up to 2 GB and SDHC cards up to 16GB are supported. You can select the picture with the desired exposure from the 3 pictures with different exposures. The sensitivity automatically switches to between [ISO1600] and [ISO6400].) ∫ Picture size and aspect ratio Press 3/4 to select the picture size and aspect ratio and then press [MENU/SET] to set. Furthermore, you can play back the pictures grouped together by category or play back only those pictures you have set as favorites as a slide show.

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