Инструкция по применению re-fine bright

Whether or not the inclusion is gimmicky is one thing, but in a sea of often indistinguishable tablets “This one has a projector!” is enough to stand out. Instead of smooth, rounded curves, the 6P has chamfered corners and 90-degree angles — but they’re done well enough that it doesn’t feel rough in the hand. For more control, choose a Single-point autofocus setting. The number of messages PRTG can process actually depends on your configuration and system setup. It might be significantly fewer messages.

Ensure that all optical surfaces are clean and ready for use. Each preset adjustment is applied to its own adjustment layer. You might have an extremely shallow depth of field. In this case, your autofocus is working, but the depth of field is so shallow, it is hard to tell that your subject is in focus.

This manual section describes a sample configuration for PRTG’s syslog and SNMP trap receiver and gives you an idea about how to use these features. That’s because the first tap of the power button locks the screen, and so the camera launches in a locked mode. When the IR illuminator is switched on you can see the green LED light on the back side of IR850. By pushing the buttons “+” and “–”you may adjust the IR brightness.

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