Журнал commercial real estate

журнал commercial real estate
Meanwhile, between merchandise sales and an already-active fundraising effort, he has raised more than $7.1 million, and the Republican National Committee has raised an additional $23 million. Pose it in the form of an opportunity.” Someone else worried over the fate of Detroiters who have stuck it out in homes while all around them their neighborhoods turned to field and ash. “To grow Detroit,” Bartell pronounced, “you have to shrink it. Bartell always juggles a number of enterprises, he told me, purposefully keeping his portfolio diverse. He has also involved himself in the larger enterprise of civic development. “That’s how you graduate from being a business owner to a business leader, and it’s why I admire Dan Gilbert,” he said. Another Detroit-area tycoon, John Hantz, has taken a real step toward this vision by clearing 150 acres for tree farms, planting 15,000 hardwoods — sugar maples, white birch, oak and bur oak. Площадка для коммуникаций всех его участников – девелоперов складской недвижимости, брокеров и арендаторов.

But if there’s one silver lining in all the global turmoil, it’s that the Federal Reserve is less likely to increase interest rates the next couple of months. Along his half-mile of Livernois, there are 51 retailers doing $47.6 million in annual sales. Since 2000, Wayne County has held one of the world’s largest real estate auctions, offering about 20,000 properties a year that were acquired through foreclosure — some 5 percent of Detroit’s housing stock. Although most of sparsely populated Detroit is seeing very little economic activity or likelihood of any to come, there are a half-dozen retail corridors like the Avenue of Fashion in the city.

Additionally, the lawsuit seeks to force Trump to reveal his tax returns, something every president has done since Gerald Ford but which Trump has refused to do, significantly limiting the public’s ability to understand the president’s finances. According to his son Eric, the president will even continue to receive quarterly reports on how his real-estate empire is faring financially. Credit Andrew Moore for The New York Times The two prefer buying houses that are occupied, because scavengers often tear everything sellable out of the unoccupied ones. Tenants “want some clarity over what their business growth will look like,” he said. “I think real estate in any market where there’s turbulence obviously feels near-term effects.” Bracing for a soft landing So how worried should the industry be? Some also argue that all of this concern about China is overblown when it comes to New York real estate.

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