Twitter bootstrap 3 пошаговое руководство

twitter bootstrap 3 пошаговое руководство
Each Bootstrap component consists of an HTML structure, CSS declarations, and in some cases accompanying JavaScript code. Read and subscribe to The Official Bootstrap Blog. Header Area Bootstrap 3 gives a highly usable class called jumbotron that can be used to display large headers and contents.

You will also notice that the menu bar is hiding automatically into a nice touch-compatible menu. So we are going to build this! Then we have included the required JavaScript files from the js folder. Consult our bower.json to see which versions of jQuery are supported. Release announcement posts on the official Bootstrap blog contain summaries of the most noteworthy changes made in each release. You’ll notice it contains comments which can be deleted. You may have heard that Twitter Bootstrap is a 12 grid system.

Download source The folks over at MaxCDN graciously provide CDN support for Bootstrap’s CSS and JavaScript. Additional notes Other changes in v3.0 are not immediately apparent. Removed mention of Chrome from Webkit rendering bug for justified nav. Precompiled Bootstrap Once downloaded, unzip the compressed folder to see the structure of (the compiled) Bootstrap. Другими словами, это набор инструментов для вёрстки. В нём есть ряд преимуществ, благодаря которым BS считается самым популярным из себе подобных.

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