Audio 30 aps инструкция

audio 30 aps инструкция
The NTG3 system comes with a large, high resolution 8″ TFT 16:9 widescreen colour COMAND display mounted higher and more directly into the driver’s line of sight and with a separate, large rotary controller mounted on the centre console in between the front seats. Printed copies of the Project Development Procedures Manual are not available. These units were introduced on the W210 E-Class as rectangular units, later also in a more rounded form on amongst others the W203 and R230 models. Play videoS-Gamut / S-Log shootingS-Gamut/S-Log enable wide dynamic range (max. 1300%) shooting for more expressive moviemaking in post-production. The entire manual can be printed from the PDPM-Chapters.pdf and PDPM-Appendices.pdf electronic files.

This camera shake compensation system is effective for shooting steadier, clearer movies and still images. Initially different firmware was used in GEN1 and GEN2, but later on the firmware for GEN1 and GEN2 was merged into 1 firmware release and the colour scheme became a run-time configuration item. The α6500 even offers 14-stop latitude at S-Log3 setting. How can I get a copy of the manual? Individual chapters can be downloaded directly from this web page.

The current version date for each chapter and appendix is shown in the right column of the table of contents on this web page. However, unlike NTG1 models, the NTG2 COMAND was unable to play MP3 discs. To use the navigation at the same time as listening to an audio disc requires the optional CD changer. Like NTG4 models, it supports the Media Interface.

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