Came инструкция на русском

came инструкция на русском
Get ready to evacuate.» I throw the headset off. I go flying back in, glance out the window, and I see vehicle coming very quickly at us similar to a car coming onto a freeway. For products not shown, please contact the technical department where we will be happy to assist you. That was not a good situation.» Among the crew we had a little conference. I said do you mind if I tell our side that I’m not comfortable doing that Progress docking?

They are unlikely to be sent into space again. ______: After all the dirt that was thrown at us, nobody ever apologized to us, not on television or in the newspapers. That’s crazy,’” said Cantrell. “He was seriously worried.” The group set up a few meetings with companies such as NPO Lavochkin, which had made probes intended for Mars and Venus for the Russian Federal Space Agency, and Kosmotras, a commercial rocket launcher based in Moscow. Back on Earth, the inquests had begun. RUSSIAN CONTROL: It wasn’t equipment failure. No. Apparently, though it is too early to say for certain, it was human error. CONTROL CENTER: There were certainly were mistakes made on board. This gives the impression of the Falcon 9 huffing and puffing as it limbers up before the journey.

Rather than send a few mice into earth’s orbit, Musk wanted to send them to Mars. “He asked if I thought that was crazy,” Zachary said. “I asked, ‘Do the mice come back? Zapolskaia was not sure that Revekka had ever fully recovered. “Her mind is not normal,” she told me. “She is very slow. They just fall away from the world.” “Exactly how entrenched is your beard?”The apathetic children began showing up in Swedish emergency rooms in the early two-thousands. But they reported that their situation was continuing to deteriorate. The press picked up rumors that Vasily was to lose six months salary and his docking bonus.

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