Basiccolor display инструкция

basiccolor display инструкция
Here we just transform vertex position from object space into so called “clip space”, which is what’s used by the GPU to rasterize the object on screen. We also pass the input texture coordinate unmodified — we’ll need it to sample the texture in the fragment shader. The DETOUR ARROW sign has a horizontal arrow pointed to the right or left, as required. Cones can be doubled up to increase their weight.

The following guide signs are required at temporary traffic control zones: Standard route markings, where temporary route changes are necessary. They may be used effectively to divide opposing lanes of traffic, divide traffic lanes when two or more lanes are kept open in the same direction, and delineate edge of pavement dropoff where space limitations do not allow the use of larger devices. Main parts of the shader To begin examining the code of the shader, double-click the shader asset in the Project View. The sign message should be brief, legible, and clear.

Each sign message should be legible from all lanes, from the sign up to a minimum of 650 feet. In the field, the PCMS should be sited and aligned to optimize driver performance. Shader The Shader command contains a string with the name of the shader. Sign design details are contained in Standard Highway Signs.5 As a general rule, signs should be located on the right-hand side of the roadway. The default value is 1. label.dist The distance of the label from the center of the vertex. If it is 0 then the label is centered on the vertex. If it is 1 then the label is displayed beside the vertex. Click on the arrow next to Display QA to access further tests to judge the accuracy of your profile. Крайне желательно оборудовать монитор по бокам и сверху непрозрачными защитными экранами.

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