Epi info 6 руководство по пользованию на русском

epi info 6 руководство по пользованию на русском
Drivers shall assist. It is important to remember that when you reserve seats for guests or PCA’s, the seats are not available for other persons with disabilities to use. Children can be guests and are charged a fare, except an infant held in a parent’s lap. Interested applicants may call 1-877-337-2017 to begin the application process. The application will not be considered for 30 days after the suspension end date. Please note: Use of the AAR MetroCard is monitored for potential fraud and that, as warranted after an opportunity to be heard, the individual’s AAR MetroCard may be deactivated.

Please note: All NYC Transit buses are wheelchair-lift equipped or have ramps. You will not be reimbursed for taxi/car service if NYC Transit determines that you are responsible for the problem. NYC Transit may not authorize taxi/car service for customers who are not at their pickup locations and ready to travel when an AAR vehicle arrives within the 30-minute time period. You are responsible for arranging for the taxi/car service: including paying the fare, tolls, and no more than a 15 percent tip, obtaining a receipt from the driver and submitting a letter to AAR requesting reimbursement. This also applies to customers who call for an earlier pickup time on the day of their trip. If NYC Transit offers you an alternate trip on AAR, you may wait for the AAR vehicle or take a taxi/car service at your own expense. Repeated violations will result in longer suspension periods each time. Перевозчик платит за страховку, по которой ему ни чего не причитается.

The packet includes the print version of the application and a letter with the date, time and location of your appointment, including instructions on scheduling round-trip transportation to the assessment center. Call Eligibility if you do not receive the application packet. If you cannot keep your appointment, please call Eligibility to cancel and reschedule it. Вторая ссылка, очевидно, использовала уязвимость типа URL redirect на одном из поддоменов , однако, судя по всему, уязвимость уже успели устранить. Водитель предоставляет этот номер на границе, и таможенник легко находит соответствующую ЭПИ в своей базе данных.

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