Инструкция диспенсер дискавери

Care must be taken while dispensing not to create excess back pressure. The Dispensette® is lot tested for accuracy and precision. Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes in raw materials prices or exchange rates. Not under most cases. EASYCAL™ allows for this to be adjusted for use in extreme cases, or if required by the customer’s SOP.All through the catalog, it mentions that the «Standard Operating Procedure» for instrument calibration is available.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before August 31, 2015. The dispense volume (set to 150 l in this photo) is defined by the position of the threaded volumetric set pin. For NOWPak containers, use catalog number 704284. As each circumstance is different, additional parts may be required. Our mission is to create bridges between the scientific, academia and industrial environments “from the Lab to the Market”. The distinguished selection committee was chosen based on the above philosophy, it comprises of 6 leaders with strong scientific and/or industrial backgrounds. For dispensing agar, we recommend our seripettor® bottletop dispenser. The HP D300 Digital Dispenser offers a simple method for streamlining your workflow, offering picoliter to microliter non-contact dispensing of small molecules in DMSO directly into your assay plate.
Repeated up and down cycles dispense a fixed buffer volume through each of the 8 dispense nozzles. The Dispensette® is designed to fit onto most common reagent bottles with the supplied adapters, and many additional adapters are available. By mounting the instrument directly onto the reagent bottle, poured transfer, and associated spilling, is eliminated. Vapor pressure over 500 mbar (375 torr) or extremely volatile liquids. All sizes of the Dispensette® fit 45mm bottles, and come with adapters to fit 33mm and 38mm threads. PipetteIt™ is an ideal laboratory dispensing device for research, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and other life sciences applications requiring rapid, accurate and affordable liquid dispensing. All current Dispensette® models disassemble easily for cleaning. My Dispensette® seems to leak at the base, especially after priming.

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