Grazia журнал онлайн

grazia журнал онлайн
Grazia рассказывает, что и как носят звезды, представляет эксклюзивные вещи из последних коллекций, показывает, как сочетать высокую моду и демократичные бренды. Retrieved 18 February 2017. ^ Chen Duo Icy; Chen Jiaxi Viola; Liu Wenman Nicole; Wu Ge Mavis (May 2013). «»Grazia China» Study Report» (PDF). Hong Kong Baptist University. For a week in June the entire 35-strong Grazia editorial team will decamp to Facebook’s London headquarters, where they will create content for the issue, a large proportion of which will be streamed via Facebook Live.

In fashion, change is inevitable and standing apart is mandatory. As the online extension of one of France’s most popular weeklies, keeps readers up to date on the latest news and trends in French culture and fashion. Grazia fashion and beauty directors will get their own Facebook pages, where they’ll also produce live content. They’ll be invited to take part in decisions usually made by the editorial team. Grazia also features articles and opinions on some of the hottest topics to grace fashion, as they appear to the expert eye of Grazia’s columnists. Grazia girls are thinkers, leaders, doers, dreamers… and savvy shoppers! Read More One of the bigger video sessions will be a live exit debate, which will be filmed in front of an audience and streamed to people watching via Facebook, where it currently has 145,793 followers.

From a raging debate on the Duchess of Cambridge’s style to live blogging from the Oscar’s red carpet, our audience are opinionated, responsive – and always engaged. Retrieved 15 March 2015. ^ Anne Austin et. al. (2008). «Western Europe Market and Media Fact» (PDF). Zenith Optimedia. Advertisers can get involved through product placement partnerships, branded video content or the usual print advertising opportunities in the magazine.

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