Nightsun spg131 инструкция

nightsun spg131 инструкция
Наличие товара на витринах – возможность протестировать, сравнить с аналогами, сделать правильный выбор на месте. Certificate Sales Manager About Company About Nightsun ENTERPRISE INTRODUCTION: Nightsun Enterprise develops under the sustain and steady.20 years of experiences. Long work life LED Bulb LED work life up to 50,000 hours. Location of angle dial 0~90°dial,10°each unit, and easy for adjust the light in any angle. Infinity color mixing RGB 3 basic colors high power LED, colorful effect, with single color、color mixing、white、color changing、gradual changing and flash, etc.

В центре Харькова, Киева, Одессы с самым большим ассортиментом товаров для ди-джеев и саунд продюсеров. Features: Low Consumption Total power is 420W, single color change is 300W, saving energy、protecting environment & safety.

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